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OpeningScr.jpg (28541 bytes)

Above is an image of the opening screen in My Daily Metric Readings.   From here you will create your database(s), open a database, run some of the utilities mentioned on the home page, or exit the program.

CreateDbase.jpg (35801 bytes)

Above is the screen from which you will create the database(s) which will hold all your readings data.

OpenDbase.jpg (32444 bytes)

When you click on the Open Existing Database command button the above screen appears.  You will double click on whichever database you wish to work with.

CurrentRd.jpg (55874 bytes)

After opening your database you will see the Current Reading Screen, pictured above.  This is where you will perform most of the operations necessary to maintain your readings log.

addrd.jpg (52029 bytes)

When you click on the Add Readings command button the above screen opens.   When you create a new empty database the only operation that can be performed is the Add Readings operation.  There are safeguards built into the program to prevent duplicating a reading with the same date and time, as you use the program I'm sure that you will see this feature in action.


searchrd.jpg (56617 bytes)

This is the Search screen.  By entering a date on this screen and clicking search you will be taken to the first reading matching the date you entered.   If you have multiple readings for the date you entered you can use the Next function on the Current Reading screen to step through your readings until you locate the one you want.  If there are no readings for the date you entered the reading for the next higher date in your database will be displayed.  The Search function is also used to locate the first reading you want printed or displayed on the Print-to-Screen window, which is picture below.

prttoscr.jpg (64537 bytes)

Above is the Print-to-Screen window.  You use the Search function to locate the first reading you want to display then click the Pint-to-Screen command button.   Once the above screen is opened you can step through your entire database, eight readings at a time, by using the Next and Previous command buttons.

edirrd.jpg (52709 bytes)

Above is an image of the Edit Readings window.  Every field in the reading can be edited including the date and time.  As with the add readings function there are safeguards to prevent duplicating the date and time of another reading in your database.

metricbar.jpg (26072 bytes)

metricline.jpg (25983 bytes)

Above are two examples of the 22 graphs included in My Daily Metric Readings.  There are 11 bar graphs and 11 line graphs in all.


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