Getting Started


Recently it came to my attention that some people may have little or no experience dealing with .ZIP files so I decided to add this short explanation for those who may need a little help.

Windows Vista or higher:

  1. Using Windows Explorer open the folder where you downloaded the .zip file.
  2. Double-click on the .zip file.  The operating system will open the .zip file.
  3. After you open the .zip file you will notice a readme text file.  This file contains information concerning issues that have been encountered while trying to install My Daily Metric Readings and resolutions for these issues.  You can read this file by double-clicking on it and opening it in Windows Notepad.  I highly recommend you read this information before attempting an installation.
  4. When you are ready to install the application simply double-click on setup.
  5. During the installation you may be asked if you want to replace files already on your system with ones from the installation package, in all cases always keep the newest version of any file you are being asked about.  My Daily Metric Readings will always run with the newer versions but you may have other applications that may not run with the older versions.
  6. It is important that you let the installation run to its natural conclusion.   You will receive a message that the application was installed successfully.
  7. After you have successfully installed My Daily Metric Readings you can start the application.  Any additional questions you might have concerning using the application are fully answered by the integrated help system.  You can access the help system by pressing F1 while the application is running.

Windows XP:

  1. Using Window Explorer double-click the .zip file, copy the extracted files to a temporary folder and run setup from that folder.
  2. This may also apply to Windows 2000 users.

Windows 98SE or ME:

  1. Window 98SE or ME cannot open .zip files therefore you will need to obtain a program, such as Quick Zip for example, to open the .zip file.  There are many such programs available as freeware on the web so you should have no difficulty finding one to your liking.
  2. You will need to extract the files within the .zip file to a temporary folder.
  3. After extracting the files go to step 3 under the Windows XP or higher instructions and continue from there.

Window 98

  1. Windows 98, like 98SE and ME, cannot open .zip files therefore you will need a program such as Quick Zip to extract the files within the .zip file to a temporary folder of your choosing.
  2. Before you install the application you will need to obtain a copy of DCOM98 from Microsoft and run it before installing My Daily Metric Readings.  This will allow the data access components, used by My Daily Metric Readings, to install properly.  This step is not needed for 98SE or above.
  3. Once you have loaded DCOM98 and extracted the files from the .zip file go to step 3 under the Windows XP or higher instructions above and continue from there.

My Daily Metric Readings is a 32 bit application and will not run in any operating system below Window 98.  In fact, I don't recommend trying to run it in anything lower than 98SE.


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