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If you haven't worked with .zip files before click on this message for a little help.

You can download by clicking on the link below:

Download Build 2  for Windows 8 and Above:
My Daily Metric Readings V1.30 Build 2


Click to download for Windows 7 or Below:
My Daily Metric Readings V1.30


All the files below this line are for Windows 7 or below:

If you would rather not upgrade at this time you can still fix the report printing problem I spoke of on the home page by downloading the fix for version 1.1 by clicking the link below.

My Daily Metric Readings V1.1 Fix

After downloading open the .zip file and overwrite your current .exe file with this new version.  This file will only fix the printing problem, your graphs will remain unchanged.

If you would still prefer to download version 1.1, it has been recompiled with the report printing problem fixed, click the link below to obtain your copy.  Only the report printing problem has changed, all other features remain the same.

My Daily Metric Readings V1.10

My Daily Metric Readings V1.20

My Daily Metric Readings V1.25
Build 3




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