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My Daily Metric Readings V1.30
My Daily Metric Readings V1.30 Build 2

The Medical Readings Recording & Tracking Program For People Using
mmol/l Format To Record Blood Sugar And Kilograms to Record Weight

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My Daily Metric Readings V1.30 Build 2 is the same program as the original V1.30 only recompiled to load properly on systems using Windows 8 or above.  All of the features of V1.30 have been retained in the Build 2 version.

For this upgraded version of My Daily Metric Readings I have retained all of the improvements of version 1.25 build 3 but I have added a print by date range feature for the printed report plus an expanded summary page that prints at the end of each report.  Now you will be able to print a report for any period of time you like with a summary.  The summary page includes the highest, lowest, and average readings for each category, (the average reading is based on all of the readings for a category not just the highest and lowest readings).  A print summary page only feature has been added.  You will be able to print summary pages for reports that you have printed in the past.

I have also included a pdf version of the help file for those who are unable to view html help files doe to a security issue. (A PDF reader is required to view this file.)

Important information for Windows XP users:  The files in the .zip archive for My Daily Metric Readings V1.30 should be extracted to a temporary folder and the setup should be run from that folder.   Failure to do this will result in an error condition during the installation process.  The .zip file was created in 7zip, which is a free download at many sites.

If you require Injection Tracking check-out My Daily Readings V3.95  My Daily Readings V3.95 now allows mmol/l blood glucose readings and kilograms for weight.

My Daily Metric Readings V1.30 was specifically designed for individuals living outside the United States who use the mmol/l format to record blood sugar and kilograms to record weight.  All of the blood sugar and weight graphs have been designed around these two standards.  If you have been using one of My Daily Readings series of programs the database files you created are NOT compatible with this version.  Due to the addition of diastolic as well as systolic blood pressure readings the database files and graphs had to be changed.  However, if by chance you are using My Daily Metric Readings V1.XX then your database (.mdb) files are fully compatible with this new version.

My Daily Metric Readings tracks blood sugar (mmol/l format), blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic), pulse rate, and weight (in kilograms) by date and time.  Readings can be entered in any order and they will be automatically sorted by date and time, no special rules for data entry.   The application has large easy-to-read screens, very useful for visually challenged people like myself, (diabetes has robbed me of much of my eyesight). The program supports multiple users so the whole family can take advantage of the same program.    There is also a comments area to be used any way you want.  You can find all of the main features of My Daily Metric Readings V1.20 listed below.

IMPORTANT:  Recently I have been made aware that loading My Daily Metric Readings while some versions of Avast anti-virus are running in the background can cause what is termed the Blue Screen of Death during the loading procedure.  If you receive the BSOD while loading My Daily Metric Readings  I recommend turning Avast, or any other anti-virus application, off during the load and then turning it back on after the load is finished.  Also, if you are running any application in the background that uses vbrun it should be stopped as well.

My Daily Metric Readings will run on WIN XP or higher..

My Daily Metric Readings V1.30 is not a substitute for professional medical care but is intended to aid you in regulating your day-to-day medical situation.   The beauty of the program is that you do not have to have any medical condition, people just watching their weight can take advantage of it as well.

I would like to add that when you download any version of My Daily Metric Readings that is exactly what you are getting, and nothing else. No annoying tool bars or web browsers to deal with later. There is absolutely no intrusion into your system during or after the installation, no one gets a peek into your system. Of course this makes the download a little longer but it's far more secure for you during and after the installation!

The Main Features:
Supports multiple users.
Tracks both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
Large easy-to-read screens.
Prints a report from where you decide to start within your database.
Contains a comments area.
Prints the comments only when there are comments to be printed.
A utility to compact databases and keep them running smoothly.
A utility to repair corrupted databases.
A utility to delete multiple readings.
22 enhanced bar and line graphs.
Reports and graphs can be printed or faxed.
Menu system with shortcuts.
A fully integrated help system (just press F1 anytime for help).
A database backup utility.
A database restore utility.

Print-to-Screen Window redesigned.
Printer selection method changed.

Print report by date range feature.
Summary page added to all printed reports.
Print summary page only feature added.
PDF version of the help file included.
Some minor issues with the delete command have been fixed.

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